Introduction to Sports Science 101

  • Our Purpose

    Gravitational Performance School of Sports Science is structured and designed to educate in the field among topics relating to sports science and sports studies, and how each professional can apply our knowledge towards one's personal growth and desire to obtain an education and career in, sports science. Come be part of our family to help us grow as a community!

  • Includes

    We recommend taking this class before any other classes that we offer. Introduction to Sports Science 101 is a self-paced, two week online course that provides insight to leading subjects that define the science of sports. Each week covers new topics, discussion posts, and a quiz (at the end of the week). This class prepares those students who are interested in furthering education in the field of sports science. Upon completion of this 2 week course, students are ready to take our first 4 week course that provides a certificate of completion.

  • Materials

    Includes: Downloadable PDF's, 2 lessons each week, 1 discussion post each week, and 1 quiz at the end of each week. Because this is only a 2 week class, the workload is designed to be light and prepare students to start our 4+ week courses.

For Coaches

and sport professionals

Over the past 15 years, the owner of GPSSS, Cheryl McCormick has worked with various coaches and supporting sports professionals. She has seen the many ongoing occasions when an athlete needed external professional help. Help that coaches could not provide. While working alongside sport professionals in coaching, sports medicine, and sports nutrition, she identified the areas of importance that coaches, athletes, parents, and sport professionals could gain insight and knowledge among that would better assist athletic performance. From mental mindset techniques to sports rehabilitation, Cheryl McCormick is continuously assisting sport professionals with various skill and consulting programs; all areas that coaches and sport professionals could do amongst themselves, but with the proper education and techniques. Whether you are new at coaching and have minimal education or you are a seasonal coach, our affordable classes will provide you with great educational content that will navigate you in your sport profession. Our classes will also provide skill and technique forms that you can use among your athletes, and downloadable PDF's that you can keep in a file for use during a sport season.

For Athletes

and students

Although coaches assist athletes in sport performance, it is upon the athlete to perform. At a young age, athletes begin to develop strengths and weaknesses in sport. When an athlete hit's a wall and can not surpass one's physical threshold, it can become an overwhelming process, and may lead an athlete to drop-out of sport. Proper education can better assist athletes through this process and can help athletes understand how to mentally and physically break through stressors and negative barriers. Our classes for athletes offers various mental imagery techniques that can strengthen one's ability to perform at one's best. In conjunction to mental techniques, we offer a variety of skills and techniques that assist in injury prevention and rehabilitation training that can be applied in and out of season, before, during and after sport competition. For STUDENTS who are exiting high school and going into college, or college students who are looking to major in sports, our classes are a perfect fit for you! From "Anatomy" and "Physiology" to "Issues in Today's Sports" and "Olympic Movements", our classes will provide students with information that will better assist students to navigate through sport degree programs with an enhanced understanding among common sport topics.

For Parents

Of Athletes

As professionals in the sport industry, Gravitational Performance has worked with several parents over the years, consulting with them about their young athletes, and working with them to best understand how to navigate their athlete at home through various situations. Here, at GPSSS, we wanted to provide classes that would do just the same for our parents of athletes! It is extremely important for parents to understand what their child athletes goes through at sport practice, both mentally and physically. While educating parents among various topics like sport performance, coaching dynamics, and sports nutrition, parents can now be at the forefront our their athletes performance and implement our learned education, after sport practice and around the dinner table!